A flatweave rug for every home

The flatweave rug or woollen dhurrie has come of age. Technology and craftsmanship have come together to give you an almost endless choice of colours and designs – and exceptional turnaround times. Now you can have your own unique dhurrie just six weeks after placing your order.

Flatweave rugs – new to Rug Couture

Flatweave rugs are clean and uncluttered. They’re the rug style for modern homes where colour and form take priority, which makes them a delight to design. Using our online rug design tools you can create a rug that’s unique to you in a couple of minutes. You choose a style, you drop in your colours, and you specify the size. Job done.

Or you can send us a design of your own or a swatch of colour that you’d like us to match. Whatever you want from your flatweave rug, we can create it for you and deliver it in just six weeks from your order.

A full set of online design tools for flatweave rugs

Although our craftspeople use different techniques for flatweave and tufted rugs, the design technology that translates your ideas into a hand-crafted finished rug is the same. That’s why we can apply our full set of online design tools directly to flatweave design. You create the rug you want, our craftspeople then weave the wool into the pattern you have created or chosen.

The raya flatweave rug, shown here in colours deep orange and flame red

The difference comes when you lay your rug on the floor. These are rugs for making a room look stunning, not for running your fingers or toes through. Yes, the wool is warm and soft to the touch, but there’s no pile to sink into. Instead you get a flat but lustrous finish that reminds you how versatile the weaving technique can be. When you walk on a flatweave rug, you feel the cushioning effect without the give.

Where should you place a flatweave rug? Answer: wherever you like. Using our online tools, you create the rug that fits the space you have in mind. Place an order, and it’ll be with you in as little as six weeks.

The fairfax flatweave rug, shown here in colours bergamot white and charcoal

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