Rug Couture’s designer rug collections

If there’s one thing we see a lot of, it’s great design. So we asked five leading rug designers – and our own in-house design team – to come up with a range of contemporary designs unique to us. The result is the Rug Couture designer range – an eye-catching selection of round and rectangular rugs in six collections.

Each design team responded to our brief in its own way. Each has given us a collection that expresses their own creative vision yet sits within Rug Couture’s forward-looking aesthetic approach.

Rug Couture hand-knotted collection

An eclectic collection of strong geometrics and vibrant textures reminiscent of animal hides and woven fabrics, all rendered in the finest hand-knotted New Zealand wool.

Durham by Rugcouture as part of the Rug Couture Hand Knotted Collection

AJ’s Definitive Collection

AJ loves to play with ideas and perception. In the Definitive Collection we see his inventive playfulness express through unexpected geometrics, off-centre patterns, and visual tricks.

Flying Lines by AJ as part of the Definitive Collection

Louise Carrier’s Sumi Collection

This is Louise Carrier at her stylistic best. Her designs are clean, colourful, and modern. In the Sumi Collection she deconstructs the patterns of nature through sweeping brush strokes in Sumi ink.

Mountain – Yama by Louise Carrier as part of the Sumi Collection

Anna Sutherland’s Kaleidoscope Jewels

Vibrant and sometimes startling patterns fascinate Anna Sutherland. In Kaleidescope Jewels she draws inspiration form antique jewellery to create the most colourful and intricate rugs.

Gemstone Delight by Anna Sutherland as part of the Kaleidoscope Jewels Collection

Jill Zachman’s J.Pera Collection

Jill Zachman’s rugs are works of art. Which is exactly what you’d expect from designs that begin life as original etchings and lithographs. No repeats here, each rug is an abstract swirl of life.

Topological by Jill Zachman as part of the J.Pera Collection

Patternistas’ Patternistas for Rug Couture

Patternistas puts a smile on your face. Chris and Suzanne Carpenter’s eye-popping designs are lively expressions of colour and pattern inspired by Asian and African cultures.

Petra Parker by Patternistas as part of the Patternistas for Rug Couture Collection

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