Louise Carrier, the thoughtful experimentalist behind our Sumi Collection

Louise Carrier discovered the possibilities of design when she was a child. She was unsettled by an abstract painting on her grandmother’s wall and by the vibrant designs on her mother’s Poole pottery. It was a revelation to discover that an image could have life and meaning yet not be an obvious representation of the world.

Years later, and Louise is an accomplished graphic designer and lecturer from South Staffordshire. She’s successful because that childhood wonder has never left her. She’s still fascinated by nature, still inspired by new techniques, and still open to fresh ideas and cultures – three reasons why her Sumi Collection is such a lively and imaginative take on rug design.

Sumi Collection in Interior Design‘s Best of Year Awards

Louise has been working with us for many years. She, more than any other designer, knows how a rug is made and how the materials perform. She understands how light, lustrous fabrics, and ever-changing shifts in pile angle produce subtle textural effects.

In the Sumi Collection, Louise brings it all together: her joy for nature and experimentation, and her technical rigour. To evoke the natural world, she applies Japanese sumi inks to fine papers in a variety of ways.

Her eight designs (Mountain, Rocks, Sand, Sea, River, Stream, Trees, and Water) are simple, graphic, and obviously human. The subtlety comes from the way Louise contrasts the matt of hand-knotted New Zealand wool with the lustre of art silk. The light reflected by the art silk creates depth and texture; you see the natural tonal variations you’d expect from brush strokes on paper. The effect is so striking, the Sumi Collection was entered for the 2017 Interior Design Best of the Year Awards.

One collection, many ways to experience it

Louise designed the Sumi Collection to work as a unified whole. You could easily take two or three of her eight rugs to provide continuity and contrast between different rooms or areas of a building. Although each design comes in four colourways, that may not be enough variation for some customers. If you’d like Louise’s rugs in bespoke colours, we can arrange that for you.

We think the Sumi Collection is a triumph. These deceptively simple designs are restful yet never still. The swaying trees or rippling water are always there in the lustrous texture and confident brush strokes. To glance down at a Sumi Collection rug is to give yourself a moment of quiet contemplation.

The Sumi Collection by Louise Carrier.

Rug Couture open days in London’s Mayfair

We’ve always been keen to meet people, but sometimes it helps to make time specially for customers and potential customers. So, from February 2018, we’ll be holding an open day once a month in our Mayfair office. We think it’ll be good to clear our desks for one day a month to give you our undivided attention.

You’ll find it useful too. Nothing beats seeing the quality of our rugs for yourself. And you get a much better sense of how efficient and fast we can be if you hear direct from us how we work. We can even show you how our rug-making facility operates in India.

If you’re a retailer or wholesaler, an architect, interior designer, or facilities manager – or indeed anyone with an interest in rugs and floor coverings – we’d love to meet you. If you have project in mind, a Mayfair meeting could be just the thing to move it forward.

Rug Couture in Mayfair

When: 11am – 4pm on the 2nd Tuesday of every month – starting February 2018
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First few dates:

  • Tuesday, 13th February 2018
  • Tuesday, 13th March 2018
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