Bordering on the sublime – at last

Rugs with borders are the latest addition to our website. It’s taken us longer to introduce borders than we expected, although anyone who wanted one only had to ask. As we keep saying in this blog, we can do just about anything with rugs.


Since we don’t do anything by halves at Rug Couture, we’ve gone straight in with several hundred options for rugs edged with borders. Many of them are entirely new to the website; others are popular designs with borders added. There are plain rugs with borders, patterned rugs with borders, and plain and patterned rugs with double borders.


Now it’s your turn to play
The easiest way to create your bordered rug is to scroll through the patterns till you find one you like, then play around with colours. It’s amazing how a border in a matching or contrasting colour can transform a design. Picking a border colour that relates to something else in your home is a simple way to link a rug to your existing colour scheme, even if all the other colours are alien. Or you could do it the other way round: link the central colours to your scheme and introduce something new in the border.

But it doesn’t matter what we say. You’re independent minded people, and you’ll come up with something startling. You always do.


And if you send us a picture after you’ve unrolled it on your floor, we’d be delighted to add it to our gallery.

Want to gain an edge?
If you’re an architect, professional designer, or someone who has to have things exactly the way you like, you may be better off telling us what you want. You can have wider borders, narrower borders, triple or quadruple borders, or a border that’s inset several inches from the edge of your rug. At the risk of repeating ourselves: anything’s possible.

That’s the thing about Rug Couture: it’s never about us and what we like, it’s about you and what’s going to make you swell up with pride. Just pick up the phone to call us on 0845 071 9303, or fill out the contact form on our bespoke service page.

There’s one sure way to get an edge on everyone else: it’s to design your own rug.



480 colours and a bright colour box for the trade

You rug designers love subtlety. Slight changes in colour, shade, or tone can make all the difference, especially if you’re matching a rug to the colours in your home. So we’re giving you more of what you love – a vibrant new colour palette containing 480 shades of pure new wool.

The Rug Couture Colour Box. 480 sample wool colours, beautifully boxed for the trade to enable seamless transitions from screen to rug.

53% more colours than ever before
Our new rug-design colour palette has grown by 53%. That’s an extra 167 colours. We can do this with wool because it takes dyes so readily. The natural fibres hold bright colours for longer. They lock in the dye in a way that resists the wear of countless feet and abrasive furniture legs. Wool looks bright and cheerful from season to season and year to year.

Your online paintbox
It’s easiest to think of our colour palette as an online paintbox. You choose a colour and our software pops it straight into your design. You can see the effect immediately. And you can go on playing or experimenting till you get just the look you want. Even then it’s not over. If you click the ‘order samples’ button, we’ll send you a pack of soft wool bundles that look a bit like tiny brushes. You can see what they look like in the box above.

With real wool samples in your hand you can make absolutely sure that what you’ve designed is exactly what’s right for your home.


Rug designer’s colour box (trade only)

The colour box itself is just for the trade. It’s easily the best way for designers and architects to achieve the rug colours they need. By matching the real wool samples in the box with fabrics, RAL colours, Pantone references, or items on a mood board, they can create a rug that’s a perfect match for their design scheme.

If you’re a professional designer, and you’d like more information on how to get your very own Rug Couture colour box, let us know.