An incredible edible rug for Willy Wonka

Willy Wonka may be the world’s most inventive chocolatier and sweet-maker, but he’s not much of a rug-maker. So when he needed an edible rug for his West End stage show, he came to us.

OK, it wasn’t actually edible, but after applying a little bit of Wonka magic to our bespoke rug-making skills, our rug became the edible grass meadow for the Chocolate Room scene in the Sam Mendes musical, Charlie and the Chocolate Factory.


For a bit of rug magic, come to Rug Couture
The edible meadow was the idea of the show’s set designer, Mark Thompson. The theatre commissioned All Scene All Props to build the set, and they came to us for help with the grass. It was easy working with All Scene All Props because they work in a similar way to us, with project management, CAD, and a full sample service.

We recommended a wide shaggy art silk in a deep lime green. That would give the meadow an inviting grass-like look with added Wonka magic – a reflective shimmer to make the most of the glorious stage lighting.

Rave reviews for the set
The finished meadow consisted of six rugs laid over a contoured structure that created the mounds and hollows of the meadow. When the show opened, the critics loved the set; it later won the 2014 Olivier Award for Best Costume.


If you fancy a bit of edible grass – and a damn good night out – Charlie and the Chocolate Factory is still running at the Theatre Royal, Drury Lane.

Better still, if you fancy a rug that’s every bit as magical as something Willy Wonka might create, we’re ready for your call. You can design your own online, call us on 0845 071 9303, or request a quotation via the bespoke rugs page on our website.

But sorry, no golden tickets hidden in any wrapped rugs.

The Sands Hotel


“We would highly recommend Rug Couture. The rugs were exactly what we wanted and look fabulous in the hotel. We have had very  good feedback from the public.” Dawn Pirie, Inara Interiors.

We were asked by Inara Interiors to assist with the production of three custom rugs for the launch of the Sands boutique hotel. Located on the sea front within an immaculately renovated Victorian building the The Sands comprises 20 bedrooms, a restaurant and bar, Ice Cream Parlour and roof terrace. Design Consultant at Inara Interiors Dawn Pirie explains:

“The design was very much focussed around the Victorian style of the building with a luxurious contemporary twist.” Dawn Pirie, Inara Interiors.

Two traditional designs in a modern palette were specified for the Foyet and Restaurant and a stunning contemporary, shaped design for the The Sands Bar. After a discussion of the project we worked closely with Inara Interiors’s owner Nick Connington and Design Consultant Dawn Pirie to bring their ideas to fruition; providing colour, tufting samples and advice when needed.

“I wanted a specific shaped design and after shopping around Rug Couture seemed to give the best service and value for money.” Dawn said “The samples allowed me to pick the right colour combinations and the graphs and images provided were very helpful in making sure the design was how I wanted.” Dawn Pirie, Inara Interiors.

The rugs were all for high traffic areas so we advised on two densely hand tufted New Zealand Wool weaves for longevity and natural flame retardancy. The design for the Bar featured a distinctive wavy edge, befitting the hotels sea front location for which careful chamfering was recommended to minimise any trip hazard and safe guard the finish of this statement piece. All three rugs were subtly accented with Art Silk to add elegance and a light reflective shimmer and were stain treated to assist with any spills. All were required for the hotels re-launch in May and were delivered well within this deadline.

Our bespoke rug in The Sands restaurant featuring chamfered edges to reduce any trip hazards.

“We would highly recommend Rug Couture. The rugs were exactly what we wanted and look fabulous in the hotel. We have had very good feed back from the public.” Dawn Pirie, Inara Interiors.

The Sands Bar featuring one of many of our bespoke rugs in a pale blue accent colour which beautifully picks up the hotels seafront location.t

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