Designer rugs lead the way at Decorex 2017

Our third year at Decorex was easily our best. The interiors industry is getting to know us, and now making time to catch us on our stand. Regulars thought that the footfall was down this year. If that’s true, it was no bad thing. The people who were there were serious about interior design and eager to talk about our way of working. They were keen to discover how we could work with them to create rugs to satisfy their complex design briefs.

Celebrating creativity with champagne

The highlight of our week was a champagne reception for our rug designers. When we asked our designers to join us for a celebratory drink, we didn’t expect such a big response from Decorex visitors. But champagne and creativity are clearly a potent mix. The event drew a crowd of enthusiastic onlookers who were delighted to down a glass and get to know the personalities and the creative influences behind our designer range.

An industry that loves quality and speed

When the champagne was over we got down to the serious business of quality and lead times. Decorex is an ideal venue for showing what skilled craftspeople can do with pure New Zealand wool, digital technology, and a glowing palette of 480 colours. We opened people’s eyes to the potential for superb quality, unique designs, and fast turnaround times.

As a result we made some promising connections, several of whom have subsequently come to see us in our Mayfair office. We expect to meet many more in the weeks and months to come.

We’re now Decorex regulars and have already booked the same Stand E56 for next year. If you didn’t catch us last September, we’ll be at Decorex again from 16th to 19th September, 2018. If you can’t wait till then, drop us a line and we’ll meet you in our Mayfair office.

The flooring sector embraces individualisation

If you’re heading for Domotex in January, you’ll discover that uniqueness and individualisation are now a driving force in floor coverings. We’ve been banging that drum for years, of course, so we’re delighted to hear that our own innovative approach is now becoming mainstream.

For the first time ever, Domotex has adopted a keynote theme. For 2018 they’ve picked individualisation, to which they’ve applied the exhibition tag, Unique Youniverse. The Unique Youniverse theme will touch every aspect of the show.

Everyone can be unique

Unique Youniverse celebrates an industry-wide trend towards customisation of products and services. According to Domotex, customers will in future be more closely involved in the development of new products, and technology will make it easy to offer every customer exactly what they want. Which comes as no surprise to us or to anyone who’s ever bought a rug from us.

Domotex won’t just be exploring the implications of this change, they’re providing a showcase for some of the most exciting things that are happening right now in customisable flooring. The Unique Youniverse theme includes a selection of 20 ‘Nu Thinker’ projects from students and artists at the cutting edge of flooring design.

‘Nu Thinkers’ are changing flooring

Blindsight by Nina Düwel of HS Hannover is an example of what fresh thinking can achieve. Blindsight is a tactile flooring that helps blind people find their way around. It uses standardised relief floor symbols to show people with visual impairments where to find facilities such as toilets and lifts.

For the ultimate in eco-friendly flooring, check out Fuss-Arbeit by Raphael Sommer of HBK Saar. Raphael has found a way to treat nature’s waste – the fallen leaves and pine needles of the forest floor – and turn it into flooring. One of his five designs, ‘Japanese Knotweed with Wax’, even manages to find a use for the gardener’s most nightmarish of invasive species.

If you’re a fan of the eco traveller’s stricture to ‘leave nothing but footprints’, you’ll love Fairkorkt by Sarah Gerner and Johanna Kolb of HS Hannover. The pair have created a carpet made from tiny shingles of cork backed with orange felt. Each shingle is fastened to the underlay material by a single thread which means it can flip and flop as feet walk across it. The pattern they leave – picked out in beige cork or orange felt – is a temporary record of the last person to cross the carpet. The pattern constantly changes as fresh pairs of feet stumble, shuffle, or march across.

If Domotex 2018 inspires you to leave your own mark on your flooring, the place to start is the Rug Couture website. After playing with colours and shapes for just five minutes, you’ll probably create a rug that’s unique to you. Or you can tap into our bespoke service for a rug that’s unlike anything else on the planet. As Domotex visitors are about to learn, personalisation is here to stay. And it starts and ends with you.