Every glorious self-built home deserves a glorious rug

Self-builders understand the value of quality and individuality. That’s what drives them to set out on their own. They know that the only way to get the unique, one-off home of their dreams is to build or renovate it themselves.

We think along similar lines. To get the quality of rugs our customers expect, we had to find the right supplier and work with them to refine every aspect of production. Our customers also know that they can get exactly what they want by working side-by-side with us to develop their ideas.

See us at the Homebuilding and Renovating Show 2018

The relentless search for quality is about to draw us and the nation’s self-builders to the NEC’s Homebuilding and Renovating Show 2018. This is our first time as exhibitors at the HBR, so we’re hoping to find plenty of common ground with visitors. Two things we do know: visitors will have strong views on quality, and be drawn to floor coverings that express their individuality.

If you’re heading to HBR 2018 and would like to talk about potential floor coverings for your self-build home, visit us on Stand G169. We’ll be there every day from 22nd to 25th March.

We look forward to meeting you.

To end child labour, look for the GoodWeave label

Every child deserves a childhood and an education. But across the world 152 million children miss out because they’re at work. 7% of children in Asia and the Pacific – and 20% in Africa – are in child labour. They’re the hidden army of child workers who keep costs down for many of the products we buy here in the UK.

To put an end to child labour, all we have to do is stop buying the products it creates. But that’s easier said than done because we have no way of knowing who made the beautiful objects we like to buy.

Luckily there are some simple ways to find out. For example, if you’re buying a rug or a carpet that was made in one of the regions of the world where child labour takes place, you just have to look for the GoodWeave label. That label is the strongest assurance you can get that no children were involved in the making of your rug.

GoodWeave is working to stamp out child labour

GoodWeave is an organisation that joins all the dots in the supply chain. From producers to distributors to consumers, it works to eliminate child labour. GoodWeave’s comprehensive approach involves corporate engagement, labour monitoring, product certification, consumer awareness, victim assistance, and grassroots social programmes. The most visible sign of its work is the label you see on our rugs. To qualify for that label, we had to become a licensee, which means we had to sign up to a code of practice and allow GoodWeave inspectors into our Indian rug factory. We’re delighted to say that they’ve visited twice and on both occasions found that we’re meeting their standards in every way.

Licence fees and other donations fund the work of GoodWeave.

GoodWeave’s founder won the Nobel Peace Prize

GoodWeave is having an effect. Since its founding in 1995, the number of children working on India’s carpet looms has fallen from one million to 250,000.

In 2014, Kailash Satyarthi, GoodWeave’s founder, won the Nobel Peace Prize. In a video on the GoodWeave website, Kailash talks about the circumstances that led to the setting up of GoodWeave.